The Izutsu Hotel Takasegawa Villa lies on the bank of the Takase River.

Takasegawa Villa

About Kyoto Takasegawa Villa

The Izutsu Hotel Takasegawa Villa lies on the bank of the Takase River.
The Takasegawa Villa is the annex of the "Izutsu Hotel" which is run by the hotel division of the the Sakizo Group, headed by Sakizo Tamura, the designer who brought chirimen (crepe) clothing to the world.
Located along Kiyamachi Street, which is Kyoto's premier shopping district, the hotel location is convenient for going anywhere or doing anything in Kyoto.
Each room is equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave oven and is therefore recommended for longer term stays as well.
Kyoto Takasegawa Villa is the perfect hotel to enjoy both day and night in Kyoto.

  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真01
  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真02
  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真03
  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真04

Guest Rooms

[ Twin Room ](Can also be used as a triple room)

  • 客室のご案内:ツインルーム写真01
  • 客室のご案内:ツインルーム写真02
  • 客室のご案内:ツインルーム写真03
  • 客室のご案内:ツインルーム写真04

[ Triple Room ](Second floor・Maximum occupancy of 4 guests)

  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真01
  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真02
  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真03
  • 客室のご案内:トリプルルーム写真04

Main Guest Room Amenities

  • Wall-Mounted TelevisionWall-Mounted Television
  • Air ConditioningAir Conditioning
  • Bidet ToiletBidet Toilet
  • BathroomBathroom
  • WashbasinWashbasin
  • Ion Hair DryerIon Hair Dryer
  • Refrigerator・Microwave OvenRefrigerator・Microwave Oven
  • Electric KettleElectric Kettle

We are confident in the cleanliness of our rooms!

  • The wearing of shoes in guest rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Panasonic's Ziaino Air Purifier washes the air with hypochlorous acid to deodorize and eliminate bacteria to perfection.
  • Panasonic Eolia Air Conditioner with Nanoe-X Generation.

Eolia and Ziaino work together to create a clean environment for you.
Guests with babies and young children can stay with peace of mind.


Regarding Check-In and Room Entry

●Check-In: 14:00 to 18:00

Please press the intercom button next to the main entrance and check-in will be done at the front desk.

●Check-In: 18:00 to 21:00

Please contact the main building (Izutsu Hotel-Kyoto-Kawaramachi Sanjo-) 075-231-3222 as much as 30 minutes before arrival.

  • お部屋への入室方法.1
  • 1. How to Entrance method

    Please hold your card key to the card key reader located below the intercom of the hotel's main entrance.
  • お部屋への入室方法.2
  • 2. How to operate the elevator

    Upon entering the elevator, please hold your card key to the card key reader on the elevator's control panel and press the button for your floor.
  • お部屋への入室方法.3
  • 3. How to Enter Your Room

    Your room also has a card reader, so please hold your card key to the reader, the door will open when the green light appears.
  • お部屋への入室方法.4
  • お部屋への入室方法.5
  • お部屋への入室方法.6

Please Be Careful

  • Check-in begins at 14:00, but early check-in is available once room preparations are complete.
  • You may freely use the front desk, lobby, and smoking space at the Kawaramachi Sanjo main building.
  • Luggage storage is not possible at the annex after check-out, but we will hold your luggage if you bring it to the Kawaramachi Sanjo main building.
  • The accommodation price does not include accommodation tax, so please pay the tax at check-in.


Kyoto-shi Chukyo-ku Kiyamachi-dori Shijo Noboru Nabeya-machi 209, 604-8015


●Please note that there is no parking lot at our hotel